Frequently Asked Questions

1% Full Service

Yes - not only the local MLS but hundreds of syndicated real estate sites such as, Zillow, Trulia,, etc.
No. Never pay up front, pick a listing package or give a CC# up front.

The first rule in real estate is never pay for services up front. Once you pay for them, the company you paid has no enticement to get your home sold for the highest amount in the shortest time.

With iList you only pay at closing when we bring you a buyer and you get your home sold. You will never be asked for a CC# and or any other fees.
No. When you list with iList we do have a listing agreement, but it is designed to give us permission to advertise your home for sale. We have a Freedom Clause in our listing agreement that states you can cancel at any time. This allows you to market your home risk free with all of the tools and benefits of iList.
0% Commission to list is a lie. The word commission is often discussed as a Flat Fee or Transaction Fee - but do not be fooled - there is a cost to you. Having a cost associated with listing is a good thing - it is an exchange of services. Just remember to do not pick from a "List" of Services; do not pay anything up front no matter how small, and do not give a CC#.

Do look for the best cost for the best exchange of services paid only at a successfully closing. With iList - we are full service- everything is included, every time all the time.
Everything. Yes, it is that simple. When you list with iList, we do the exact same services plus more compared to a "Traditional" Agent. From MLS Marketing, Photos, Signs, Lock Boxes, Showing Service, Offer management, Contract Services all the way through closing. There is never a list from you to choose from and never any added cost – you get full service all the time, every time with iList.

Watch out for companies that make you pick from a list of services. Never be forced to pick from a "List" of services. This is the definition of a "Discount Services" brokerage. There is a difference between a lower commission vs discount services. Always choose the All Inclusive/ Full Service. This will benefit you and the parties in your transaction.
Yes - we want to make sure every listing we have on the MLS is first class and looks as good if not better than others. To do this we will give you free professional photos. Our photographer will come out and take 25-36 photos of your home. They will edit as needed to ensure you home makes the best first impression. These photos are yours to keep and these are the photos we will use on the MLS.
We do. When you list with iList we have a team member go out and install your signs and electronic lockboxes. Watch out for companies that ship you lock boxes and cheap signs. Often times these type of signs make your home look “discounted” and the combo lock boxes they use are not secure.

With iList we install custom signs with lead capture features built in as well as electronic lock boxes that can only be accessed by licensed agents. We want your home to look great and always be secure.
Yes. We always use electronic lock boxes. Being a licensed brokerage, we want to use what is common and expected in your market area for other agents. Not only this, but we want your home to be secure. Only licensed agents can access our electronic boxes. We also have records of who entered your home.

Yes. Showing services are a must for home sellers. We use a service in which appointments are scheduled and you will receive a text with the appointment request. You can confirm or request a new time and then you simply leave your home. The realtor with the buyer can access the electronic box and show the home while you are away. It is fast, simple and secure.
Buyer agents are crucial to this process. When you advertise on the MLS a buyer agent fee is required. This is a MLS rule, not an iList rule. What we do is we give you the seller the ability to choose the buyer agent commission. Either 1, 2 or 3%. - Only paid at closing.

Buyer agents are important. Being on the MLS you have thousands of agents working with tens of thousands of buyers. We want them to see your home. The audience on the MLS is 100x larger than Zillow or FSBO sites. Statistically speaking, homes sold on the MLS also sell for 8% higher than homes sold FSBO or on non-MLS sites. Qualified buyers work with agents – agents use the MLS. It is important to be were the agents are.
Once you are on the MLS you are visible to buyers and agents and ready to get offers. iList has the industry best offer / counter platform. Once an offer is received, you are instantly notified via text and email. From the Email you can see the terms in a friendly layout and you can Accept, Counter or Reject. It is that easy. Don't worry - a licensed agent on our team reviews every offer to ensure you are getting the best deal.

This is where you know if you listed with the right company or not. Verify how they treat offers and communication with you. Often times companies that can place your home on the MLS cheaply or for a flat fee do not have the ability or incentive to deliver offers accurately or in a timely manner.

Make sure they have technology and automation to instantly deliver your offers and the ability for you to accept, reject or counter via an offer portal.
We do. Once you accept and offer and our team reviews the offer for you, we work hand in hand with the buyer / buyer agent to draft all state contracts. Buyer always signs the contracts first so we can review them. Once reviewed we then send them to the seller for execution. Once executed we send contracts out to title, lender and buying parties. This is where the real work starts. With iList you have a team of agents watching every date and requirement on the contract to ensure all parties are moving forward. There is never an extra charge for our contract or closing services when you list with iList.
You made it to the big day. From execution until now iList works with all parties to ensure your closing is set up and you are able to go to a smooth closing. We make sure the title company is set, lender is set, buying side is scheduled, the works. If the title company location does not work for you, we also make sure they send a remote notary to you for closing to make it even easier. There is never an extra charge for our contract or closing services when you list with iList.

Free Seller Platform

iListhomes is a seller focused listing platform. The goal is to give sellers the tools they need to list, market and sell their home from within a custom seller dashboard. So for sellers thinking of selling or selling by owner - this gives them the tools they need to make it easy.
Yes – This platform works nationwide for sellers.
iList started out as a technology platform for real estate agents, giving them tools to engage sellers. One day we had a seller as if they could use it to sell their home because it had the tools she needed. We realized the benefit this could be for sellers, so we created re-worked it a little and made it free. The only way we could do this is because the technology was already there.
Great question. We offer sellers the ability to upgrade to an local agent with MLS for only 1%. Simply click upgrade at any time and we will update your dashboard for you. You will get best of both worlds, the technology and a dedicated agent with MLS marketing to make it fast and easy.
Marketing links are custom pages made for your listing. They feature your photos, details and they connect potential buyers to you. Your marketing links also have showing feature built in to make showings fast and easy as well as the ability for buyers to make offers. Your marketing link is formatted for social media so pasting it in your FB page and sharing it is the most powerful way to use it. You can also text it out to buyers or simply give potential buyers the link. From there it will simplify your showings and offers.
Yes - it makes them easy and saves you a ton of time. Potential buyers will request showings through your marketing links. You will be notified real time and you can easily approve or deny the showing and send notes to the showing party. It keeps a log of all showing request and their status.
Yes- thi is one of the most popular features for sellers. Your marketing links page contains a feature for buyers to click and make and offer. The offer terms are collected in a easy to read format and then placed on your seller dashboard. You can view, compare and counter offers at the click of a button. When offers or counters come in you are also notified real time via text and email.
One of the many added benefits is the ability to receive free cash offers. We have a network of buyers always looking to buy more homes. If you home meets their needs we will drop cash offers directly into your dashboard for free. No obligation, just an added benefit.
Everything we do is open ended, meaning the moment we are not adding benefit to you, feel free to leave. No obligations, No contracts.

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